Beer Review with a Homeless Person | Bruery Autumn Maple with 100% Brett

“It tastes like Chuck Wagon Dog food, the kind where you put water in it to make gravy” (note, the use of Thom Yorke was used as dramatization, not an actual homeless person)

Homeless people like beer right? I’ve seen a few signs where those less fortunate come right out and ask for beer. Times are tough! I sat down with a few homeless people near the freeway offramp at the 91 and Harbor in Fullerton. I brought a cold bottle of The Bruery Autumn Maple made with 100% Brett, a few tasting glasses, and a notebook. The first guy I ran into thought I was full of shit and screamed obscenities at me. Whatever…no free beer for you sucker! I found a dude named Donald, a 45 year old guy holding a Vietnam Vet sign…Apparently this guy is really bad at math. He agreed to drink some beer with me over by a bush that had a stack of pre-written homelessy God Bless you signs. Wow. I poured the beer and I and took some notes.

It was a fun experiment, not sure if I’ll try it again. Cheers!

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Bradley Daniels

I’m crying and peeing my pants right now. F#@*ing BRILLIANT!!!!!

Kristina Allison

I agree, absolutely brilliant.


Wow, you’re bold! But I LOVE the notes you took!!!